Q. I am a caregiver, and need to occupy my  father throughout the day. How do I know whether Dayscape Senior Day Center is the place for him?

A. Dayscape Senior Day Center is the place for your father if he is physically or cognitively  challenged but does not require 24-hour supervision. Perhaps he has safety issues when left alone, or he can no longer structure his own daily activities. If he would benefit from the friendship and functional assistance and has extended daily periods of isolation, he can spend the day with us.

Q. My mother has to eat several small meals throughout the day. Can Dayscape Senior Center provide the energy she needs?

A. At Dayscape Senior  Center, your mother can expect a hot, full course lunch including soup and dessert. She will also enjoy a morning and afternoon snack and beverages. And she will be eating healthy foods! All food service is planned and approved by a registered dietician. If she has a special diet, special menus are available.

Q. Is Dayscape Adult Care Center Inc. licensed by the State of Florida?

A. Yes, Dayscape Senior Day Center has been inspected and licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) as an Adult Day Center. AHCA's extensive codes, laws and regulations enforce and consistently monitor Dayscape Senior Day Centers staff qualifications, training and background screening, participant fees and rights. AHCA also ensures that Dayscape Senior Day Center meets stringent standards including food service compliance, fire safety, emergency management and liability insurance.

Q. Does Dayscape Senior Day Center provide transportation for participants?

A. Broward County "Tops" paratransit transportation serves Dayscape Participants living in Broward county. We have arrangements with several local licensed companies who will gladly pick up and drop off participants for a reasonable fee. Please call us for more information on transportation fees and schedules.

Q. What does an eight-hour daily fee include?

A. A full day of 6-7 hours of planned activities, memory program,  licensed supervision, continental breakfast a full course hot lunch and an afternoon snack and beverage.

Q. What is the staffing structure at the center?

A. Dayscape Senior Day center employs a director,  administrators, activities directors, licensed nurse and nursing assistants.

Q. Are Dayscape Senior Day Center staff members licensed?

A. Yes, all Dayscape Senior Day Center employees are licensed by their respective agencies within the State of Florida.

Q. What is the minimum number of days (per week) a participant can attend Dayscape Senior Day center?

A. There is no minimum at Dayscape Senior Day center. Participants can attend up to six days per week.

Q. Can a participant attend Dayscape Senior Day center for fewer than eight hours?

A. Yes, participants can take advantage of Dayscape Senior Day Center extensive operating hours by visiting at any time during the day. Please note that there is a minimum charge of four hours. Please see our Hours and Rates page for more details.

Q. Will participants receive a hot lunch if they only attend Dayscape Senior Day Center for four hours?

A. Yes, if a participant at Dayscape Senior Day center is present at lunch time, they will be served a hot meal.

Q. What if a participant requires assistance transferring/walking during the day or needs help with personal care?

A. Dayscape Senior Day centers nurse and nursing assistants will gladly assist participants with daily living tasks such as eating, toileting, transfer at no extra charge.

Q. How is lunch served?

A. A hot meal is prepared daily by a licensed caterer and delivered to Dayscape Senior Day center at noon. Menus are planned monthly by a registered dietician. Menus catering to special diets are available.

Q. What if a participant tires during the day and wished to nap?

A. Dayscape Senior Day center's space includes a quiet resting area furnished with comfortable recliners. Our Quiet Room is designated specifically for rest and relaxation. Participants can use our Quiet Room at any time during the day.